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Initially founded in 1991, until now, we cooperate with more than 50 big famous brands of fashion field. Specialty Fashion Group (SFG) is the largest specialty retailer of women’s fashion in Australasia, represented by its brands: Millers, Crossroads, Katies, Autograph, City Chic and the newest addition, Rivers, which brings new categories to the Group including menswear and (a heritage in) shoes. Our six diverse brands offer style and value to our customers. At SFG, we sell a garment every second in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the United States through our portfolio of over 1,000 stores and our 7 online businesses. SFG has one of the largest women’s customer communities in Australasia with over 7 million members and can reach over 3 million members through email. Our members’ loyalty is high, representing over 80% of sales. With a large range of activities, we always provide best products and solutions to customers.

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Mondo Spa
375 products
Giunti Editore
3480 products
Dino Bikes
49 products
Eagle Pictures
2128 products
117 products
147 products
88 products
1010 products
985 products
167 products
36 products
Giochi Preziosi
190 products
228 products

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